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Suaad Ahmed Edward

27 years old




Suaad Ahmed Edward’s background is a little different because she has a Qatari mother and half-German-half-Namibian father. When she completed her graduation in politics, there were very few jobs available, which is why she reluctantly chose to become an entrepreneur. However, she is very thankful for being unable to find a job because she is now the proud owner of three upcoming businesses that set her apart amongst the new entrepreneurs of her generation. Suaad started her first venture in 2016 by the name ‘Image Hackers’, which is an infusion of what most businesses need.  In fact, Suaad is still in the process of establishing it fully. In the meantime, Suaad opened another business in 2018, which she named ‘Maverick’. It is an energy drink shop at a gaming center opened at Doha Festival City. ‘Maverick’  is a concept that caters to the audience specifically visiting the location. Suaad’s third project is the Cheese Bar, which is a more diverse concept that she launched at the Qatar International Food Festival. She was able to open this business because her mother and aunt readily agreed to invest in it. In fact, prior to establishing the business, Suaad conducted a thorough market research about the viability of the project.

There is no doubt that Suaad has acted very proactively in opening businesses that will sustain a regular flow of income for her. This allows her to remain free of stress and to become as creative and as wild as she can, without having to face the rigors of unemployment. Even though running three businesses requires a lot of energy, time and patience, Suaad loves being involved in this kind of entrepreneurship. Suaad is able to remain so active and ambitious because of her upbringing. Her mother never allowed her children to be lazy. As long as they do not contradict the religious rules they are allowed to go wild. It is noteworthy that Suaad’s family never bothered about objections raised by society. Nevertheless, Suaad respects her time and has friends that have similar attitudes. They meet once or twice a week or even month, depending on their mutual needs.

Suaad has a passion for reading research reports, and is presently focused on researching the world’s richest people, particularly those that speak freely and openly. She has been learning from their tips and tricks and tries to implement them in her own life.  It is from them that she learnt not to break the rules, but to alter them. For example, when Suaad found that a lot of people were wasting her time, she started charging for the time she gave them. Entrepreneurship has helped Suaad in many ways, particularly in understanding herself better. She initially thought she was unlucky in not getting a job, but is very happy today. Through her dedication and determination, she won her parents’ trust, and they readily helped her whenever she needed support. Suaad is particularly thankful to her mother, because without her support she would never have been able to pursue her goals.

Piece of advice from Suaad:

“There are people like me. And there are people the complete opposite. For people like me, I know its cliché, but I would say believe in yourself. Just do you. If your friends are true friends, they would still be there 10 years later. For parents I would advise them to show as much support to the stupid things your kids do. Even if you don’t see a purpose to what they are doing. Let them be. I used to shop online non-stop. But today helped me by knowing where to order what and everything related to shipping. Where I am today is because of the nonsense I used to do.”