Muneera Al-Kubaisy

31 years old

Founder and CEO of Good Life Market



Muneera Al-Kubaisy is the founder and CEO of Good Life Market, which is the first healthy super market in Qatar. She is a perfect example of how passion and determination can steer one in achieving even the most difficult goals. Muneera established her super market in 2016. She considers her super market to be her baby and is highly passionate about it. Muneera was inspired to open Good Life Market while trying to reduce weight, a goal she was pursuing for four years prior. She experimented with every kind of diet program, which helped her in gaining knowledge about dieting. She documented her experiences on Instagram and created a powerful community, whose members now share their dieting experiences with one another. While pursuing her weight loss objective, Muneera had to visit several places for her grocery shopping, and she realized that Doha was devoid of a niche market for weight loss and healthy products. 

 Muneera decided to open a healthy super market in September 2016, and in October she had signed the lease for it. She now reflects that she always aspired to do something big. Her massive family played a major role in Muneera’s success, because all of them encouraged her from the beginning itself. She realized that opening the first healthy supermarket in Qatar would give her a major boost, which is why she did her best in making it happen. However, she was sometimes overwhelmed with anxiety and anger because of the big task she had to achieve. There were times when she thought of giving up and selling the project. But this did not happen because she realized that she must continue fighting. She would keep reminding herself about why she started the project, and the achievements she had already made so far. She was not ready to reconcile to the idea of selling it to someone else, who would eventually kill it and thus deprive the community of the crucial service she aspired to provide.

 Muneera funded her super market primarily through personal loans from friends and family members, because banks were not providing the complete funding and came up with unreasonable conditions.  Muneera believes that being an entrepreneur is not easy and that it is essential to do lot of research in order to avoid getting fooled. She is aware that there are lots of people who take undue advantage, waste time and money, and are not honest. She learnt all these things the hard way, after which she resolved to avoid any further pitfalls. For example, she now ensures that all her communications are followed up through emails, and maintains proof of all discussions in order to avoid future problems.

Muneera feels very comfortable and happy with people. After finishing her day job she heads to her market, where she meets her customers, shares experiences and gives advice. At the same time, Muneera frankly tells her customers if she does not know something. Such practices have earned a lot of credibility for Muneera’s supermarket and have increased the numbers of loyal customers who keep coming back. Even though standing and serving one’s customers publicly is not in keeping with Qatari cultural norms, Muneera has not been dissuaded from pursuing her passion. She has been able to ward off all discrimination against her on account of being a female entrepreneur, and has aptly proved her capabilities. In doing so on a consistent basis, she now feels more empowered and has gained respect. Through her supermarket she aims to build a stronger female presence in Qatar.  

Piece of advice from Muneera:

“Don’t listen to others. Get to know yourself and what you want to do in life. Once you know what you want and stand for it, no one can take that away from you. Work on bettering yourself. Read books, travel and talk to people. Get therapy if you need to. The more you know your inner self, the less pressure and judgment that people will have on you. Care about your own happiness and fulfillments and forget others.”