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Maryam J. Al-Bader

29 Years old

Owner of Flatwhite Specialty Coffee



Maryam Jassim Al-Bader is a 29-years-old married woman with a little son named Abdulla. She completed her higher education in law from London (UK) and Massachusetts (USA). Currently employed at Qatar Foundation Office of the General Counsel, she also runs a coffee business by the name of Flat White in Qatar. In fact, she started the coffee business because she was always passionate about Specialty Coffee and about making a change in the market. In addition, she loved the unique flavor of the coffee she regularly had with her friends at the Thinking Cup café, while pursuing her Master’s degree in Boston. Out of curiosity, she asked the Barista at Thinking Cup café about the beans and how they were roasted. She found the process to be very interesting and joined coffee classes and training programs, and eventually became a certified Barista. She realized the coffee business was entirely different form her legal background. For this reason, she attempted to gain the maximum possible knowledge about Specialty Coffee and the extent to which it was different from commercial coffee. It took her one year to become confident in opening her coffee business. Maryam’s family was very supportive and helpful in this regard.

 Maryam decided to become an entrepreneur because she wanted to introduce a different and high quality product in the Qatari market. She was confident of the massive market potential in Qatar and knew there was a huge customer base for high-quality coffee. In starting her business, Maryam used her own savings, and got support from the Qatar Development Bank. However, she did face obstacles in finding the right team and complying with governmental requirements. Consequently, there was a time when she began thinking of giving up, but she somehow remained motivated because of her love of coffee and the potential that existed for building a big base of loyal customers. 

 For Maryam, her brightest moments are when she receives positive feedback from her customers. In general, she is happy because of the support and encouragement she has been receiving, and is confident about the future success of her business. At the same time, entrepreneurship has motivated Maryam to help and guide others in starting their own concepts, because the Qatari market is growing and requires fresh minds to flourish.

Her goal for the next five years is to open Flat White in several nations in the Middle East, Europe and the United States. Overall, Maryam is happy about the manner in which she started Flat White and the progress it has made till date.

Piece of advice from Maryam:

“I would tell them to pursue their dreams and work hard for anything they are passionate about. they will do amazing if they do the thing they love!”