Johara N. Al-Thani

34 years old

Yoga Instructor



Since 2006, Johara Nasser Al Thani has made yoga a part of her daily routine. She was so much fascinated with her yoga teacher that she became inquisitive to learn more about yoga. When a yoga teacher training course was organized in Doha in 2016 she immediately enrolled. It was from here onwards that she got deeply involved with yoga and soon realized its immense significance in healing the body, without the involvement of other factors such as antibiotics. In continuing further, she decided to learn Pranic healing, which is a healing process that allows one to cleanse his/her aura, particularly by way of perceiving and reacting to things positively.

The main basis of yoga lies in breathing, which brings one back to balance. When we breathe and focus only on inhaling and exhaling, everything else fades away, except the present moment.  It is through yoga that Johara learnt how to be here and now, how to focus on herself, how to find balance, and how to take control of her thoughts and feelings. Yoga helps a lot in concentrating during prayers, particularly because having no thoughts for some time proves to be very fulfilling.

Johara has benefited a lot from yoga and wants others also to do so in order to improve their lives. For this reason, she strives to spread this knowledge amongst as many people as possible. She taught girls in her office to do yoga after work, and they too benefited a great deal in terms of the extra energy they experienced. Johara continues to be active in conducting weekly yoga classes for small groups, which allow focusing on each individual closely.

Piece of advice from Johara:

“You should enjoy and embrace what you are going through now. When you actually live the full-on experience, it helps you grow instead of worrying about the future and enjoying the present moment. Creating, learning and traveling to new places is what life is about. It gives you positive energy. Enjoy you present instead of basing your entire life about planning your future. Because plan can change anytime. And that is okay because change is within us and it is constant. Don’t take change personally. Especially with others. People come to your life for them to learn something, or you to learn something, and then you move on. That’s the cycle of life. It’s very simple. Everything happens for a purpose whether you know it or not. Your energy levels shift and that is normal too. People vibrate on different frequencies and we might not all meet at the same wavelength. Focus on having your circle consist of people that want you to progress.”