Jowaher Al-Mutawa

39 years old

International Athlete, Diver, Owner and CEO of Ektshef Deerti



Jowaher Abdullah AlMutawa is a born sportswoman. When she was studying at Qatar University, she never lost the opportunity of becoming a member of different women’s sports teams. In fact, there were very few females who opted to take part in sports. Consequently, coaches used to train the same athletes in different sports. However, this proved to be very good for Jowaher as she was highly passionate about sports. It was this passion that made her establish Ektshef Deerti, an institution that arranges private trips for women, girls and children. Jowaher made her parents proud in 2000 when she was chosen as a member of Qatar’s first female national handball team. After her graduation, Jowaher got a job at a petroleum company, which required her to visit Haloul Island and rigs stations in the middle of the sea every week in order to provide technical support. The job ignited her curiosity about the undersea and she started training as a diver.

Jowaher was on Qatar’s national football team in 2012, and travelled to attend international football camps. Prior to that, she did horse riding and was offered an assignment as a professional rider in Germany. However, she refused the offer to focus on her career. Therefore, she started learning Taekwondo from a Korean Master who took her for a tournament when she only had a blue belt. She was made to compete against black belts, but still managed to win second place in the tournament. A year later, she won the first place in the Shield tournament. Meanwhile, she continued diving courses and became part of the IDC staff in an international diving organization. Jowaher carried the honor of being the first Qatari diving instructor certified by 2 organizations; RAID and PADI. She is also the first female freediving instructor in the Middle East in RAID and certified as a National Geographic diver.

However, because Jowaher was heavily involved as an adventurer and athlete, it was very difficult for her to remain an employee for long. She got an excellent opportunity through her practice of sharing her adventure experiences on Snapchat and Instagram. Many would query from her about the places they should visit in Doha, and Jowaher saw in such queries an excellent opportunity of providing adventure experiences for women and children. In this regard, she got support from her circle of adventure enthusiasts who were well-trained and internationally certified. This is how she established Ektshef Deerti, which arranged for private adventure trips for Qatari women and children. During such trips, the participants are exposed to difficult situations that challenge them physically, mentally and emotionally. In such programs, Jowaher’s unique proposition is to give a lot with love. The trips focus on motivating the women to reconsider their priorities and the basic things that we mostly take for granted. It is noteworthy that through Ektshef Deerti, Jowaher is actively involved in charity and helps poor people.

Piece of advice from Jowaher:

“You need to go wild in life. Never put obstacles. Your obstacles are your thoughts themselves. Never blame society. You can reach and do whatever you want. You will reach and your parents will be proud. Don’t talk. Do it. Then show it. You need to experience life at a young age for your mind to become flexible and accepting to new ideas and change. It is different just listening about it. It will change yourself and the community. You will become a doer towards our society that will result with benefits that will add to our society. Do not fear anything. Negotiate.”