Dana A. Al-Mannai

26 years old

Entrepreneur, Athlete and Adventurer



Dana Abdulaziz AlMannai has several interests and has made big achievements at the young age of 26 years. She is an individual who quickly motivates others to pursue their goals with passion and determination.  During her university years she gained 20 kilos, but after her graduation, she began focusing on a fitness regimen that she has been following for the last five years. This has helped her tremendously in understanding her body and keeping it fit. Art is a favorite amongst Dana’s family members and is something that she has always pursued as a hobby. Her family and friends encouraged her to transform her illustrations and calligraphy works into greeting cards, which could then be sold from her store. Dana succeeded in this venture and got further motivated to create purposeful works/products that advocated environmental protection.

Dana is very passionate about whatever she does, and her spirit of competitiveness always keeps her motivated in challenging herself and achieving more. In addition, she has the knack of transforming her skills into business opportunities, and in the process she is always learning and developing herself.  She wants to convey to Qatari females that they have talent and can make amazing achievements. She believes that it is always better to have several hobbies because pursuing just one leads to boredom. Dana got her first opportunity of adventure when she visited Sri Lanka in 2018. She went there alone, with a group comprising of people from different countries. This was her way of seeking change in life. Two months after completing the Sri Lanka trip, she went on a four-day hiking trip to Nepal. Later, in seeking a bigger challenge, she opted to become a member of a group that was going to climb Mt. Elbrus, the fifth highest mountain peak in the world. She prepared herself mentally and physically and braced herself for the 7-day climb, which entailed 8-10 hours of hiking per day. She was aware of the immense hardship climbers experience on account of lack of oxygen at higher altitudes, but she was able to cope with the challenges. In fact, it was because of such experiences that Dana was able to strengthen herself and transform into a modest and calm person, empowered with inner peace.

It is noteworthy that Dana has already made exceptional achievements in life. In contemporary Qatari societies, if a male goes on an adventure, his only hardship is associated with the adventure. However, females face greater hardships; such as getting approval from parents and society, and coping with the adventure itself. For these reasons, Dana’s achievements are bigger, which is why she has been receiving so much applause. Dana shares her experiences on Instagram and gets amazing responses, which motivate her further in continuing what she is doing to normalize cultural taboos and to set an excellent example of what Qatari females are capable of doing.

 Piece of advice from Dana:

“I’m not telling you to climb mountains or create a business. I’m telling you to explore yourself. Find what you want to do now, and for the future. It is okay to shift interests. You won’t find yourself in one night. Even I have not found myself or my capabilities. Use the tools you have to explore yourself. Come out of your bubble, ask and discuss. As long as you are benefiting yourself, and you are not hurting others, then do it.  Always consider your parents. They gave us so much for us to dismiss them. Even at the age of 28, I always consider my mom.”