Amal A. Al-Muftah

24 years old





Amal A. Al-Muftah is an ambitious filmmaker in Qatar. Her hobbies include cycling; sports; playing the oud and guitar; reading; writing; water sports; boxing and cooking.  She has made many films, amongst them; Hamali (2013); Smicha (2015); and Sh’hab (2018). Amal had always been good at math, sciences, arts and sports, but she was never certain about what she wanted to do in life. She did watch a lot of movies but never thought of becoming a filmmaker. She initially detested the filmmaking class she took in her high school final year, but soon developed a strong liking for it. Her first film was ‘Hamali” (2013), which portrayed the lives of porters at Souq Waqif. Thereafter, she continued with filmmaking, even while studying communications. Her second film was “Smicha” (2015), which she was inspired to produce by her late grandfather.  She learnt a lot and gained massive confidence from this experience. She arranged for a private screening of the film at a cinema and won a lot of praise from the locals.  In particular, all her family members loved the film because it related to them. Amal’s third film was “Sh’hab” (2018), which she had been writing for some years. She made the film in partnership with DFI, which supported her since the beginning of her career.


Through her films, Amal highlights the shortcomings of human beings, and in the process, triggers questions and debates on varied human and social issues. Nevertheless, she loves making films and aspires to provide entertainment to her viewers. She is personally attached to her films because they are her own creations. It is perhaps for this reason that she describes her films as her own babies, each one of which was raised uniquely. Amal values all her films immensely because of the role they have played in creating a turning point in her life. Surely, she has a long way to go because of the social power she has garnered through filmmaking. Her films have exposed her to some major challenges that she never expected to face in life. In addition to filmmaking, Amal has entrepreneurial aspirations that she would love to explore and fulfill in the near future.

Piece of advice from Amal:

“Sleep. Sleep enough. Eat well. If you have to be late, be late. But don’t go somewhere when you didn’t sleep well, and you have a headache, and you can’t concentrate. Be at the best state that you can be. No one is sleeping. It makes me upset. Give sleep its justice. Anyways, know who you are, but don’t overthink it. Stay true to who you are and trust your voice and the process. Know that you don’t have to follow the path to succeed, it is an option, but you can also create your own path and not only succeed but excel. Make as many mistakes as you can, now is the time.”