BFA + MFA exhibition

Class 2019

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar - Graphic Design


Living in a patriarchal society has driven many women to seek change. I have discovered that being a Qatari Female Entrepreneur in our male dominant society has empowered me tremendously. With the aim to encourage other females into taking a step towards empowering themselves, this project showcases significant females in our society and their journey in the professional sphere. Their experiences portray struggles and achievements, which assists and inspires other females. These Qatari females have cast light for the younger generation and are appreciated through this campaign. Each woman is identified with a unique pattern that signifies a distinguished quality.


self reflection

I am not the same person I was when I started this project. I can actually say the process was personally life changing. This project gave me the chance to meet so many inspiring women, sit with them and have very impactful conversations that widened my thinking. I persevered women with heartening stories of how they have reached where they are today, and how they are still aiming higher and never giving up. 

We are blessed with great opportunities. We work hard to reach our goals, and as soon as we reach them, we aim for even higher. It never stops. We keep looking ahead but sometimes we need to take some time and look back. We need to look back at other girls that have big potential but perhaps don’t know it yet. We need to remind them that they are all capable of achieving all they dream of. We need to inspire them and empower them to take the first step and create their own path for them to reach the levels we have and even higher. The smallest thing I could do is to give back. To give back to our community, to give back to the people that look up to us. The satisfaction one gets out of giving back is intangible and very rewarding. The heartwarming feeling, I get when someone tells me “you inspire me” is incomparable. 

We are all capable. No societal boundaries can oppress us from achieving our goals. As women, standing with each other, we can do amazing things. We are so used to hearing “you can do it just believe in yourself” that it doesn’t affect us anymore. But if you think about it mindfully, all it actually takes is simply believing in yourself and taking that first step. Everyone is capable. And by saying everyone, I mean women. 



I take this opportunity to express gratitude to all of the VCUQ Graphic Design Department faculty members for their help and support. I also thank my parents and siblings for the encouragement. I am also grateful to my dear friends for their unceasing support through this venture.

My biggest thank you would be to the inspiring women in this book. This project wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for their generous participation. May we continue to inspire and empower each other.